MCBA Honey Extractor

The Madison County Beekeepers Association owns a 9 frame radial, hand crank, honey extractor.    It was converted from a 2 frame, reversible.    It is available for loan to any MCBA member.

To borrow the extractor contact Rick Walls (our President).    Rick will not pick up or deliver the extractor but will coordinate pick up and delivery among users.     Members can reserve the extractor more than one time per year but scheduling priority will be given to first time (per year) users.

Each user is required to thoroughly clean the extractor after using it.   Failure to do so can result in access to the extractor being denied.

The user is responsible for the safe usage of the extractor and must agree to relieve the MCBA of any liability and or personal injury resulting from the use or handling of the extractor.


How to Use the Extractor

The extractor has been converted from a 2 frame reversible to a 9 frame radial.    Radial (in this case) means that it will extract the honey from both sides of the comb at the same time.    

To use the extractor, uncap both sides of your 9 frames of honey (usually with a hot knife) and place them in the extractor "top bar" out.   Try and balance the load by placing similar weight frames in positions 1,4, and 7 then 2,5 and 8, then 3,6 and 9.    For best results start with frame 1 or 8  in the super (assuming you are using 8 frame supers) and place each successive frame in the sequence above.    This will help balance the load.   Turn slowly and increase speed until the honey is extracted from the frames.     An unbalanced load will cause the extractor to walk all around the room when you turn the crank.

It will extract both medium and shallow frames but will not accommodate deep frames.

If at all possible, leave the honey gate open while extracting.    Allow the honey to drain out as it is extracted.    This will keep honey from overflowing the moving parts in the bottom of the extractor which can reduce the operating life of the extractor.    Obviously, you should use the gate to stop the flow while changing the catch bucket.    Leaving the gate closed while extracting is not a problem as long as you do not allowed honey to rise to the point that it is able to enter the bottom bearing as this will significantly shorten the life of the bearings.

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