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If you live in the Bibb County area you are encouraged to attend the next meeting.    Everyone interested in honeybees or beekeeping is invited.    We welcome, folks that would like to be beekeepers, new beekeepers, experienced beekeepers as well as commercial beekeepers



Bibb County Swarm


If you look out your window and see a huge cloud of honeybees settling on a limb or other structure near your home or find a "cluster" of bees hanging from a tree or other structure on your property we have many bee keepers who will be glad to come out and try to catch the swarm and relocate them.  Please do not call an exterminator or spray the swarm with an insecticide unless it is a last resort. 

     For further information please contact either of the following beekeepers.

Bibb County  David Hamm 205 913 6789
Bibb County  David Beardon 205 614 1548
Bibb County Tommy Davis 205 394 3732
Bibb County Judy Calderwood 205 926 7753 or 205 316 8944
Bibb County Dennis Harbinson 205 826 4566
Bibb County Bill Wood 205 936 0467
Bibb County Courtney Lambert 205 386 3707

Click here for a list of beekeepers that will remove hanging swarms from other cities in Alabama.


We meet the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Cahaba Lily Center in West Blocton, Contact David Hamm at wdhamm13@gmail.com or 205-913-6789 for more information.

If you are an experienced bee keeper or just interested in learning about honeybees we encourage you to attend our monthly meetings.  You do not have to have honeybees to become a member.  If you have any questions you may contact David Hamm at 205-913-6789, email wdhamm13@gmail.com or contact the Bibb County Extension Office at 205-926-4310

Mission Statement:  Bibb County Bee Keepers Association is an organization whose purpose is to promote, educate and assist individuals, community and the environment as it relates to beekeeping.  We provide an informational and social platform for beekeepers of any experience level.  Bibb County Bee Keepers promote healthy beekeeping practices and management while offering education, encouragement and mentoring to anyone who wishes to be involved with honeybees.

Note from the President:

The Bibb County Bee Keepers Association held its monthly meeting Thursday Feb 2, 2017 at the Cahaba Lily Center in West Blocton.    A power point presentation titled “What’s wrong with my hive?” was presented and gave members the opportunity to view slides of frames from various hives and to give input on what they examined good or bad.     This was a valuable learning tool for those present.    It gave good insight on what to look for when inspecting a hive and what to do if you find potential problems.   The next meeting will be held March 2nd at 6:30 p.m. Guest speaker will be Bill Evans, Vice President of the Alabama BeeKeepers Association and the topic of discussion will be "Treatments and medications for your hives". I hope to have a great turnout as we welcome Bill Evans as our speaker. 



Tommy Davis
Vice President 
David Hamm, President
Karen Hamm



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