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If you live in the Chilton County area you are encouraged to attend the next meeting.    Everyone interested in honeybees or beekeeping is invited.



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If you look out your window and see a huge cloud of honeybees settling on a limb or other structure near your home or find a "cluster" of bees hanging from a tree or other structure on your property and would like to have them removed, the Chilton County Beekeepers would like to remove them for you.     For further information please contact either of the following beekeepers.

Chilton County  Bill Evans 205 688 1287 cell 205 310 3800
Chilton County  Donald E Short 205 757 2305
Chilton County Larry Wyatt cell 205 602 3514 

Click here for a list of beekeepers that will remove hanging swarms from other cities in Alabama.


We meet the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM at the Clanton Recreation Center in downtown Clanton (Click here for a map).    The Recreation Center is located at 309 1st Street, Clanton, AL 3504.     The building is actually located on Hwy 145 (Lay Dam Road) in the city park in downtown Clanton (http://www.clanton.al.us/city_reccenter.php).     We have plenty of room for expansion as the meeting room has a seating capacity of 75 beekeepers and guest, it should serve us for the foreseeable future.    We have the facility reserved for us indefinitely.

If you have an interest in beekeeping you are cordially invited to attend the next meeting and all future meetings.   This will be your association and a relatively new association, you are encouraged to get in on the ground floor and help organize a strong association the way you think it should be.


The purpose of this association will be to promote beekeeping among fellow beekeepers, agriculture and the general public.   In particular, assisting members with their questions about apiary management while providing educational opportunities through regular meetings and classes.



Note from the President:

We have now identified 107 beekeepers in and around Chilton County, 77 of whom have now joined our local association and paid their annual dues. Several of those have also joined the state association. Chilton County is now the home of both the ABA Fall Conference and Dr. Jim Tew’s ACES Symposium, held the first Saturday of each February. The Clanton Conference and Performing Arts Center boasts a 608 seat auditorium and a 13,000+ square foot exhibit hall. We invite you to come join us at the next meeting. If I can be of any help, please contact me, Larry Wyatt.



Gary Farmer, VP
Larry Wyatt , President
Pending , Secretary/Treasurer


A special thanks to the city of Clanton for their strong support and for allowing us to use the outstanding meeting facilities at the Center Recreation.


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