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Welcome to my WebPages.   My name is Bob Fanning and I live in Huntsville, AL USA - Madison County - Grid square EM-64.  

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Click here to view an interesting YouTube video on beekeeping in the 1930's.   Not very informative but pretty entertaining.  

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Computer Tinkering

Bob's computer hobbyHuntscille PC Users Group

Old Car Restoration

Bob's Cars

Organic Gardening

Bob's GardenMaster Gardeners of N Ala



One of my proudest possessions

a proclamation

Click here for information on purchasing AMISH built bee hives and accessories.

Insight into the causes of CCD by Marla Spivak (this is a video)

Alabama Apiary Law (Navigate to Title 2, Chapter 14)

About k4vb

I grew up in rural Madison County Alabama, USA where I still live but it is no longer rural.    The little farm that I grew up on is now right in the middle of urban sprawl.    I am now surrounded by houses and face a large shopping center to my front.   Being on a farm, I still have lots of space to enjoy my hobbies that are too numerous for available time even though I have been retired (from Motorola) since age 58 (1997).

Hobbies that I am interested in include:

Ham Radio


Computer Tinkering

Organic Gardening

Restoring Classic Cars

Miscellaneous programs that Bob has given to local beekeeping association meetings.

  1. Harvesting honey (Spring 2010)

  2. Capturing swarms Part 1 (in person)(Spring 2010)

  3. Capturing swarms Part 2 (using bait hives)(Spring 2010)

  4. Optimizing honey production (March 2010)

  5. Life Cycle of the Honeybee (Honeybee Biology)

  6. First Year in Beekeeping (Limestone seminar August 2013)

  7. First Year in Beekeeping (Limestone seminar August 2015)

  8. Common Ways of Getting Into Beekeeping (Auburn 2/2/13)

These are PowerPoint slide show.    If you do not have PowerPoint on your computer click here to download a free PowerPoint Viewer  from Microsoft.

If you are a  member of a regional beekeeping association and would like to look at a novel Excel membership roster, click here.

If you have information you would like added, or have questions concerning any information included please contact Bob.



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